Consumer Perception Towards Green Products


  • Ms.D.Sandhya Rani Master of business administration, IARE, Hyderabad-TS, India. Author
  • Dr.T. Varalakshmi Master of business administration, IARE, Hyderabad-TS, India. Author
  • P.Sai Chandana Master of business administration, IARE, Hyderabad-TS, India. Author



Adoption of Green Products, consumer perception, Qualitative research


This qualitative research investigation delves into the intricate landscape of consumer perception and adoption of green products, aiming to unveil the underlying factors that shape consumer behaviour in the realm of sustainability. With growing environmental concerns and an increasing emphasis on eco conscious consumption, understanding how consumers perceive and engage with green products is paramount for businesses and policymakers alike. Through in depth interviews and thematic analysis, this study uncovers the multifaceted dimensions influencing consumer decisions regarding green product adoption. Themes such a s environmental consciousness, perceived value, trust in green claims, and barriers to adoption emerge as central aspects shaping consumer attitudes and behaviours. Moreover, the study illuminates the nuanced interplay between individual beliefs, social influences, and contextual factors in driving consumer preferences for green products. Insights gleaned from this research provide valuable implications for marketers, policymakers, and sustainability advocates seeking to foster greater acceptance and uptake of environmentally friendly products within the marketplace.


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